Local Stores

Come and enjoy exquisite dishes with the most beautiful view of the sea!

terraza marina

LA TERRAZA MARINA is a magical place of gorgeous sunsets that enchant visitors with their atmosphere and beauty.


Coco Marina 

COCO MARINA, where you can enjoy delicious breakfasts accompanied by exquisite Colombian coffee and delightful salads.

La frontera

La Frontera

LA FRONTERA is a place for enjoying the best of authentic Mexican cuisine, where they please their clients with mild, crunchy, and spicy flavors.



 Morano Coffee 

Morano Coffee serves coffee with the seal of PURE SENSES, possessing a unique flavor and high quality, ideal for enjoying with friends and family.

GYM Marina

Gimnasio – Fitness Center 

If you wish to exercise and keep your body slim and healthy, the best routines are at the MARINE FITNESS CENTER, a place where all week long you can enjoy Zumba, Rumba, Combate, Pilates or even your own personalized fitness plan.

Route 66

Route 66

Come to ROUTE 66 to enjoy the best American pizzas prepared by versatile pizza chefs, who are capable of converting mushrooms, green and black olives, onions, and peppers into a work of art.


  Sakura Sushi 

Sakura is a restaurant that offers oriental delicacies, making it a true gastronomic experience.


EL PASEO DE LA 22 is a place of entertainment for appreciating the beautiful landscape of the Santa Marta bay and Marina.

Cocteles y ceviches Emanuel

Cocteles y Ceviches Emanuel

At COCTELES Y CEVICHES EMANUEL you can delight yourself with the delicious ‘ceviches’, which are the combination of various spices and local seafood.


Estación Marina

La Estación Marina is a themed restaurant that offers exquisite toasted sandwiches, prepared at the time of ordering, as well as various other dishes with all the tastes of the sea!


Bar – MIKO 

Miko is a bar that makes the best cocktails with an excellent view towards the Marina, making it a truly unique experience for their clients!

Ofelia Café

Ofelia Café

OFELIA CAFÉ provides its customers with a variety of delicious fruits and ice creams, yoghurts, gelatos, cereals, creams, and cakes.