Frequent Questions

  1. How can I find and enter the Marina?

The SANTA MARTA MARINA is located in the Santa Marta bay, which is a natural semi-enclosed bay that is well protected from wind and waves. It can be found at 11 º – 15‘ N Latitude – 74 º – 13 ‘ W longitude. The entrance is clearly marked by buoysf different colors.


For more information, please contact our customer service office at +57 5 4363601- 4358009, or by the following email Canal de VHF Contact Channel – 72 Marina Operation and 16 Coastguard


  1. How can I register myself to the authorities? Do I need a maritime agent?


In Colombia it is necessary to have a maritime agent. You can download the file for the process of entering the country that is below. The Entrance Process to the Santa Marta Martina, aimed at improving the quality of service that we offer our international clients, is carried out by the maritime agency free of charge. The maritime agency will help you with all paperwork and requirements for entrance (Port Captain / Migration / DIAN). Nonetheless, our clients may also choose whichever other maritime agency they wish.


  1. Is there an airport nearby?

The Simón Bolívar International is located 16,5km from the historical center of the city, and it has a fuel supply station that operates between 6:00am and 11:00pm (expandable operating hours).


  1. Is the Marina protected from bad weather?

Yes, the marine was designed to have a protected inner harbor, making us an excellent choice for your navigation.

  1. Where can I empty my holding tank?

At the refueling dock there is a suction pump that is connected to the town sewage system where we can perform the task for you. For any information please contact channel 72.


  1. Where can I refill my gas tanks?

Our Customer Service Office will help you organize this service. For more information, please contact our Customer Service Office at +57 5 4363601- 4358009, or by email


  1. Where can I find a laundry?

The Santa Marta Marina has a laundry area where you can carry out your washing and drying needs. The machines are available 24 hours a day and are operated by tokens that you can obtain at the minimarket.


  1. Are there medical services nearby?

The Santa Marta Marina is a protected area, but with medical assistance available. We also have commercial agreements with entities that offer our clients general and specialized medicine services with special discounts.


  1. Is there a drug store nearby?

Yes, the drug store is only 500m from the Marina.


  1. Where can I buy provisions?

At the Santa Marta Marina facilities you will be able to find our minimarket, which is equipped with a wide selection of high quality products, providing you with the option of finding what you need in a short time, as the minimarket is within the port. Furthermore, you may find various quality supermarkets near the Marine such as:

SAO Address: Calle 23 Carrera 8 Esq

Éxito Address: Cra. 5 #19-20

Jumbo  Address: Centro Comercial Ocean Mall, Ferrocaril #15-100


  1. What banking services are available locally?

The Santa Marta Marina has an automatic bank teller at the marine terrace. However, the major banks such as Bancolombia, Colpatria, Banco Caja Social, Banco de Bogotá, AV. Villas and Banco de Occidente can all be found near the Marina thanks to our handy central location in the city of Santa Marta. At these banks you can exchange money or perform whatever other service you may need.

Banco Bancolombia

Banco de Bogota 

Banco de Occidente

Banco AV Villas

Banco Davivienda

Banco BBVA

Banco Caja Social

Banco Colpatria


  1. Where is the nearest Post Office?

Just 300 meters from the exit of the Marina you will find 3 offices that provide postal services both nationally and internationally.




  1. Do I need to speak Spanish?

No. Our staff is trained to assist you in both Spanish and English.


  1. Is there a workshop?

Yes, please check our page. You will find information at the drop-down menu ‘services – workshop’.


If your query was not answered here, please contact us at +57 (5) 436 3601 – 435 8009 or write to us at – We will happily answer any query you may have.