Environmental and Safety Management


Inversiones Marina Turística S.A. is focused on the preservation and improvement of the environment. In compliance with this standard, we conduct environmental and security practices that are geared toward the prevention of incidents, amongst which the following work plans can be found, aimed at:

  • Managing the necessary classification of residues, the reuse and recycling of objects, and the final disposing of dangerous and non-recyclable materials.
  • Modernizing of current practices to use biodegradable ecological products with the aim of protecting marine waters and ecosystems.
  • Applying techniques and cultural changes to reduce the use of water and energy resources.
  • Monitoring the natural environmental resources: “Marine water, Noise, Sediments, and the Surrounding Coastal Area”, with the aim of measuring, controlling, and improving possible changes.
  • Using training, entertaining, industrial security practices, and emergency service brigades to prevent and control possible incidents.
  • Managing the integration to the support network of the “Plan of Mutual Support – PAM”, from the city of Santa Marta. The aim is to be prepared to counteract any incident, for which reason joint support services shall carry out simulations.